Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dean Kevin Martin Update

Brief Report from Dean Kevin Martin

Chair of Dallas Deputation

Our deputies have been working hard over the first days of convention attending hearings and participating in the various events that surround thus huge undertaking. Several of the Deputies are members of legislative committees which mean early morning and late evening meetings and hearings.

The past two major sessions of the House of Deputies has been taken up with a committee of the whole discussion of the now famous B033 Resolution from the past General Convention. Today, deputies selected randomly shared thoughts, feelings and stories about how this effort to comply with the Communion’s Windsor Report was experienced in different parts of the church. The sessions were informative and revealed the wide expression and diversity of the Church on the issues surrounding full participation of all members in all orders of the Church.

My legislative committee, Evangelism, finished its work and forwarded 7 resolutions to the floor for consideration. One of these is a very significant vision for the future of Hispanic/Latino work in the future. I believe this is an exciting piece of legislation that is absolutely consistent with the life of the Cathedral and Hispanic work in our Diocese. It also calls for a significant budget allocation to make this work.

Convention is a great time to see old friends and make new ones. I was very impressed with the quality of the Evangelism Committee led by Bishop Jones of Virginia and David Ota, priest from the Diocese of California.

By Friday afternoon, we should be involved in engaged some of the major business to come before the convention.

More later,

Dean Kevin

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